'Tiger 3' box office: Salman Khan Movie closer to Rs 300 crore worldwide

Salman Khan's film 'Tiger 3' performed exceptionally well at the box office, even with the India vs New Zealand cricket match.

Salman Khan's 'Tiger 3' has been scoring big at the box office ever since its release.

Despite the Wednesday India vs New Zealand semi-final match, the film remained steady at the box office.

Tiger 3 is currently dominating the global box office, establishing itself as the ultimate Diwali season entertainer.

The film's immense success is evident not only in India but also on the international stage.

Within four days, it has amassed a staggering worldwide gross of 271.50 Cr., showcasing its robust performance.

Indicating that it is poised to set and break records as it continues its cinematic journey.

The film is now inching closer to the Rs 300 crore milestone at the global box office.

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