Sex Education Season 4 Review: A Worthy Of Netflix’s Best Shows

Let Sex Education season 4, and our response to it, remind the powers that be in Hollywood

This series has always taken a bold, in-your-face approach to tackling its social and sexual issues

and Sex Education season 4 pushes this into overdrive.

All eight episodes of Sex Education season 4 were released on Netflix on September 21. The series is rated 16+.

it was a relief to learn that Sex Education, which I consider among the best of Netflix's Shows

It is not unlike previous seasons in terms of storytelling, and while much is wrapped up nicely

Season 4 picks up from the dangling threads of the Sex Education season 3 finale

Which saw Moordale Secondary, the high school of this high school series, shut down for good

She and Otis, finally together, are apart, and trying to make the long-distance thing work.

I could spend this entire review teasing out the show's multiple storylines and how they intertwine.

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