When will Panchayat Season-3 be released?

Chandna Roy i.e. Panchayat Wale Vikas has opened up about the new series of Panchayat.

A short film by Chandan Roy has been nominated for an Oscar.

The name of this short film is Champaran Mutton. This is a big achievement for Chandan Roy.

In the Panchayat series, everything from the politics of the village to every minor point has been shown.

At the same time, a clean love story is also seen. Where in today's time many such web series are coming on OTT.

Meanwhile, when will season 3 come, Vikas, who has worked in both the seasons of Panchayat web series.

Told about this in an interview. Chandan Roy said that the shooting of five episodes of Panchayat 3 has been done.

There are three more episodes left. In such a situation, these three seasons are expected to come in January after the shoot.

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