Mark Antony Review – Timepass comedy-action drama

Versatile actor Vishal has now come up with a sci-fi gangster action drama Mark Antony.

Which also has the terrific performer SJ Suryah in another lead role.

Amidst good buzz, the film hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is.

A twist in the tale arises when he comes across a telephone through which one can talk to the people in the past.

The script isn’t something new as we have few such movies already.

Minus Points: Mark Antony is a film with too much stuff and characters.

On the whole, Mark Antony is a watchable gangster action drama with solid performances from Vishal and SJ Suryah.

Mark Antony requires attention to detail to enjoy the proceedings and the madness.

Finally, The songs are poor, and the climax is a letdown.