The Vaccine War OTT Release: When And Where To Watch 

A lot of people have also been speculating as to whether the movie may soon appear on an OTT platform. 

After Leo's initial few screenings, audiences' reactions to the movie have been mixed. 

The film's synopsis reads, "A mild-mannered café owner becomes a local hero through an act of violence,

which sets off repercussions with connections to an old life he left behind, shaking his newly constructed life to its very core."

Netflix, the film's streaming partner, and producer Lalit Kumar of Seven Screen Studio recently disclosed a record-breaking contract. 

Leo's OTT deal is the biggest for a South Indian movie, Which is Streaming on Netflix From 24th November. 

Netflix paid the highest price for Leo. Not just Tamil movies, Netflix didn't buy any other South Indian language movie at this price

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