Gadar 2: 5 reasons why Sunny Deol's film is breaking box office records

As the film crosses ₹ 500 crores in India, we list down five factors that may have really worked in the favor of Gadar 2.

The trade experts and the film industry expected Gadar 2 to be a hit at the box office.

1. Almost the entire first half of the film revisits the iconic scenes from Gadar EK Prem Katha.

2. Given the mood of the nation right now, Gadar 2 ably rides high on the patriotic feel of the narrative.

3. The producers of Gadar 2 timed the release well - ahead of Independence Day.

4. The single screens have performed exceptionally well with Gadar 2

5. The film offers the right entertainment quotient for people who have been rooting for Sunny and the movie. 

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