Big boss ott season 2: Systemm made a new system and won the crown of Bigg Boss

Big boss ott season 2: The finale of Bigg Boss started with the dance performance of Pooja Bhatt.

The special guest in this show is rapper King Badshah, he talked with everyone in the beginning and left after congratulating everyone.

Like every time, all the participants of this show and everyone's parents i.e. mother and father have been called.

But one thing has been acquitted due to ill health, Abhishek i.e. Fukra was not human in the finale of the show.

After that, Salman Bhai showed the trophy and also announced a reward of 25 lakhs for winning the finale.

The grand entry of Abhishek and Elvis took place on the stage. After that now Salman Bhai welcomed him.

Salman Bhai hugged both of them and told them the winner and the winner is Elvis Bhai and he made a system and created history.

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