6 Best Historical Movies on Netflix All Time

some of the biggest, most compelling, and most captivating historical movies currently streaming on Netflix.

Based on the real-life friendship between Anne Frank and Hannah Goslar, the Dutch drama spotlights.

My Best Friend Anne Frank

This war drama follows the early days of World War II as the fate of Western Europe hangs on Winston Churchill.

Darkest Hour

historical documentary recounts the life and legacy of the titular soccer great who changed the history of the sport.


Based on a true story, this eye-opening historical drama details how a British spy agency.

A Call to Spy

The biographical film details how the author fought for creative ownership and overcame early 20th-century.


In this Movie, after a deadly terrorist attack on a youth camp in Norway, one boy survives to tell the tale.

22 July

OTT Web Series: A mix of thriller, mystery, drama and crime