7 Best Adultery series on Netflix

In today's story, we will see 7 best adultery series movies on Netflix which will set your mood.

An extraordinarily talented young woman finds deep, destructive love with her record-holding free-diving instructor.

No Limit

In a luxury apartment building, six women in unhappy marriages end up crossing the line into infidelity.

Fishbowl Wives

A critically-acclaimed drama, The Reader (2008) is about Michael, a teenager, who falls in love with an older woman named Hanna.

The Reader

Anastasia (Dakota Johnson) fills in for her journalist friend and interviews Christian Grey, a businessman.

Fifty Shades of Grey

Popularly known as the lesbian pioneers, Elisa and Marcela, is set in 1885, where the two primary characters form a great friendship.

Elisa & Marcela

Gypsy, which lasted only for one season revolves around Jean, a therapist.

Gypsy S1

Deadly Illusions is, in all honesty, a horrible film. It revolves around the streak between fiction and reality.

Deadly Illusions

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