7 Horror Movies to Watch For A Good Scare

These 7 films are best watched at night with the lights turned off.

Creep becomes an ominous battle of wills between two strangers in a dimly lit house.


It’s a supernatural thriller, a slasher thrill ride, and a purposeful teen drama layered with social commentary.


biggest shock: the iconic death of Janet Leigh a mere 45 minutes into the film.


The Birds now ranks among the horror master’s most famous films.

The Birds

We Have a Ghost, which Landon adapted from a short story by Geoff Manaugh.

We Have a Ghost

A mixed martial arts master and longtime stuntman with movie credits that include Mortal Kombat and Iron Man.

Day Shift

Zombieland skips the heavier social context of more serious zombie flicks.


Thriller Web Series: Full of mind-boggling suspense-thrillers….

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