7 Best Romantic Movies On Netflix

We show you an updated selection of what we think are the best romantic movies currently available on Netflix.

The film, which has received unanimous appreciation from critics and masses, has left us with an indelible legacy.

A Star Is Born

'The Good Side Of Things' is a gem of the romantic comedy genre, which brings freshness and a different take to this genre of film.

The Good Side of Things

If you want to watch a movie that highlights the intensity of first love, 'Three Meters Above the Sky' is the perfect choice.

Three meters above heaven

If you are looking for a movie that perfectly blends simplicity with the complexity of relationships, then 'Malcolm and Mary' is for you.

Malcolm and mary

Not all love stories have a happy ending, and 'Ek Shaadi Ki Kahani' is a clear example of this.

Story of a marriage

If you like movies that mix love with espionage, 'Allies' should be on your list of movies to watch on Netflix.


'La la Land'. Winner of the Oscar for Best Direction, the film has established itself as one of the most outstanding musicals of the past ten years.

La la land

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