6 Must watch documentaries on netflix

Netflix has a bounty of great documentaries that cover a diverse range of subjects, from true crime to sports to even filmmaking.

Stutz is a deeply personal documentary focusing on Jonah Hill (21 Jump Street), who is also the film’s director.

Stutz (2022)

WHAM! is a nostalgic deep dive that will jitterbug all of the pop duo’s biggest hits into your brain. 

WHAM! (2023)

Becoming is an inspirational documentary by director Nadia Hallgren.

Becoming (2020)

Lewis Capaldi quickly proved himself as a brilliant singer and songwriter but in the documentary Lewis Capaldi.

Lewis Capaldi (2023)

The American Meme takes viewers behind the curtain to show the crushing loneliness, emotional struggles, and lack of privacy. 

The American Meme (2018)

Pamela: A Love Story is a raw exploration of actress and cultural icon Pamela Anderson, told in her own words.

Pamela: A Love Story

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