6 Best films every movie buff must watch on Disney+ Hotstar right now

we are going to talk about such a film which has become the most watched film on Disney+ Hotstar at this time.

Avatar: The Way of Water—which checks in on blue lovebirds Jake and Neytiri

Avatar: The Way of Water

Eric Bana tried on the supersized superhero’s tiny purple pants in 2003’s Hulk.

The Incredible Hulk

One of the most exciting titles among them is The Skeleton Dance, which revolutionized cartoon culture in 1929.

The Skeleton Dance

Director David Gelb’s new documentary about “The Man” delves into not only his legacy but also his history. 

Stan Lee

Directed by Eva Longoria, the movie might come off as a little cheesy at times, but its comedy and heart transform.

Flamin’ Hot

Disney+ is known as a Marvel lover’s paradise, but the streamer has been strangely devoid of live-action Spidey content.


Ranveer Singh’s fees are way more than Alia Bhatt & other actors