6 Best Action Movies on Disney+ to Watch Right Now

Disney+ is getting better and better. Here are the best action movies to watch on the streaming platform.

As a result, Disney+ now has plenty of choices for action movie fans.

The Rocketeer earned lukewarm reviews from critics and was a moderate hit at the box office.

The Rocketeer

In 1960, he brought Johann David Wyss' novel Swiss Family Robinson to life.

Swiss Family Robinson

The story involves four siblings from World War II-era London.

The Narnia Films

John Carter tells the story of a Civil War veteran (Taylor Kitsch) who is whisked away to Mars.

John Carter

X-Men films on Disney+, but if you need a Marvel mutant fix, Disney+ has several options.

The X-Men Films

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is much more than a superhero movie.

Captain America

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